Waist Beads “Nectar”

Waist Beads “Nectar”

Nectar isn’t your typical waist beads. They’re much more.

Mixture of seed bead, Crystal & dyed jades Lifeis Peachy Designs Nectar will definitely enhance your mood, looks and confidence. 

Flexibility to be worn around the waist, wrist, ankle and neck. Lifeis Peachy Designs Nectar are all clasp closures (no tie in unless requested by email) Lifeis Peachy Nectar will give you a world of options for accessorizing yourself and wardrobe.

When ordering waist beads please add answers to the following in your purchasers note:

Waist Measurements 
Color option 

If requesting custom beads. Please contact us at info@lifeispeachydesigns.com 

**Seed bead option**