Energy Shot Collection

Energy Shot Collection

🦋The Butterfly Effect🦋

Collection of 12- NGES pendants, 12- NGES matching stud earrings, 1- 8” white sage bundle and 1- 0.75 fl oz 
Lifeis Peachy Designs Relaxed Essential Body Oil!

Each pendant Natural gemstone represent energies and vibes that will help radiate, balance and revive your natural aura energies as well as help align and balance your chakras.  

Our Butterfly effect Natural Gemstone Energy shot pendants will definitely help you start your energy balancing journey and have you looking and feeling fine and fabulous in the process. 

We recently relaunched the Natural Gemstone Energy shot pendants. Previously we bought you the Energy Shots on timepiece casings that were a little bigger than a quarter in size and will now be presented to you with a Butterfly back and will be approximately the size of a half dollar coin. 

Butterfly effect Natural Gemstone Energy Shot pendants are great for gifts and sold as Keychains as well. Collect them all to elevate every sense possible. 

Gemstone options available- 
Peridot, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Red Agate, Black Onyx, Tigers Eye, Bamboo Coral, Aventurine, Turquoise, Garnet, Chrystal, Cloudy Quartz (limited) & Citrine. 
Other options will be available soon. 

**For more information on the Butterfly Effect Natural Gemstone Energy shot pendants please feel free to DM, PM or email us at**

***The information provided is not of a medical or physician prescription or suggestion, but are of and for believers in the spiritual energies provided by Natural Gemstones.***